A tumbled piece of calming Mtorolite.



~ Mtorolite ~


Tumble Stone - Healing Crystal


Polished Gemstone



Attributes: Mtorolite is a calming and centring stone that enables you to ride out vibrational  or situational changes with equanimity, no matter how traumatic the upheaval may be. Stimulating the abiltity to cope, it instills serenity in the midst of turmoil and assists with calmacceptance of current circumstances. Mtorolite helps you to be open to change and at the same time to live in the present moment. If you rail against your current situation, meditate with Mtorolite to find the soul intention behind your experience. You can accept it or, if more appropriate, change it and move on. Mtorolite is the perfect crystal to bring peace and harmony into your world.

Mtorolite reputedly supports those practicing homeopathy or herbal medicine. Mtorolite is a chrome chalcedony and traces of chromium are required by the body for correct assimilation of glucose, which regulates the metabolism of fats and proteins. As we get older, the ability to assimulate chromium diminishes and may need supplementing. One way to do this is to wear Mtorolite in contact with the skin so that a homeopathci resonance dose is transferred.

Healing: Placed over the site, Mtorolite may assist backache and other pains. Said to detoxify and strengthen the liver and nervous system and may assit with stabilizing blood sugar imbalances.

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