Natural Specularite or Specular Hematite

  • Specularite - Natural Healing Crystal - Semi-precious Gemstone - Mineral - Crystals For Healing
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~ Specularite ~

Also known as Specular Hematite


Natural Healing Crystal


Measurements: 106mm x 74mm x 8mm


Attributes: A higher resonance of Hematite, Specularite assists in manifesting your unique spirit on earth, identifying where your particular talents can best be used. Protective and grounding, this stone activates a cosmic anchor, earthing high-frequency spiritual energies into functional reality of the everyday world and lifting the vibration of subtle and physical bodies so that they efficiently receive those energies. Useful in earth healing, Specular Hematite counteracts electro-magnetic energies.
Healing: Beneficial for haemoglobin, anaemia and blood
Vibrates to the number:
Astrological sign of: